Our Technology

Plyable is applying research in machine learning to automate the quoting, design and manufacture of composite tooling. We pass these benefits on to the customer to reduce cost and improve lead times.

The best way to understand the Plyable technology is to see it for yourself, try out the example part to get an instant quote to design and manufacture a tool to produce it.. Our technology is deeply integrated into our website and powers our pricing, scheduling and DFM feedback.

We, the Plyable team have brought together experts in machine learning and experts in composite tooling to build solutions to real engineering problems. Our tooling design is tightly integrated with our manufacturing processes which means we get real world feedback.

Automated Quoting

We chose to start our machine learning journey by automating the quoting of composite tooling. Our pricing model uses our in-house designed machine learning program to calculate the price of your tooling straight from the component geometry and has priced thousands of parts. The model is trained with each new upload and can adapt to market conditions and seasonality.

Deep learning models can provide insights that trained engineers know “at a glance” but are hard to automate using traditional methods. The similarity of one geometry to another and feature identification are areas where convolutional neural networks show excellent results. These techniques support our mold-ability and manufacturability analysis.

We are also bringing automation to the supplier side of the business, with your parts assigned to the supplier that is best suited to produce it automatically.

Mold Solution Analysis

Great molds make great parts. Our unique technology can determine the mold-ability of your component in seconds and can feed the results into our pricing model.

Our technology is based on research in geometry and topology analysis relevant to composite tooling. It can display suggested mold solutions, together with parting lines that also classify cut-outs and holes in the part. The mold solutions are used in the pricing and lead time calculations to give you the best and most accurate quote possible.


Design For Manufacture (DFM) Analysis

Our software automatically carries out DFM analysis on any molds that you upload. This analysis is built on our extensive real world engineering knowledge to highlight any possible areas that could be improved on in your mold.

Hole Detection

Holes that can be drilled out of the part are detected and displayed to the user.


Thin Walls Detection

Thin walls can break during the molding process and increase costs. Our software automatically detects these regions and highlights them for the user. Our design engineers will then assist during the design process to rectify these regions.


Internal Volume Detection

Internal regions of a part can be very difficult to machine and increase the cost of a part significantly. Our software detects and highlights these areas, which can then be fixed by our engineering team.