Graduate Full Stack Engineer (on site)

We are looking for a graduate software engineer to work on our composite tooling web application. This web app is used by all of our customers and is a top priority to the company. The projects you work on will have a big impact on the business. You should be interested in working with web technology and developing your skills in this area.

Plyable is a start-up. As a new joiner you will have the opportunity to talk directly with the sales team, the engineering team and our customers. We are a rapidly growing company, so there is excellent scope for growth and to shape your role, and you will be able to work with and learn from senior developers.

Experience Required

Our Tech Stack

At Plyable you will develop a deep knowledge of how our tech works. This will mean learning about Python/Django, Dart and AngularDart, WebGL and ThreeJS. We host our software in the Google Cloud using Datastore, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes and Pubsub.

Our Culture

We are a new player in a traditional manufacturing industry and the team is constantly learning and willing to question the status-quo.

We take quality code very seriously. We work in small intelligent teams. Our research developers read academic papers. We have developer freedom, meaning we have a common goal, but how we get there is down to the developer.

We believe that a strong engineering process can speed up the development cycle and rely heavily on unit testing, CI and CD.

Our Benefits