Steps in manufacture of a composite part

Composite parts are made by layering composite material onto one or more moulds. Getting the mould design and manufacture right is crucial to a good end result. With Mouldbox all you need to do is upload a part design and with a click you will receive a mould ready for lay-up of composite material.

1. Design the part

Create the part in a CAD tool and upload the .STEP file to Mouldbox.

2. Online mould design

Mouldbox technology simulates the design and manufacturing process in real-time

3. Mould material choice

Pick the material you need from our options. See our material guide for help

4. Instant online quote

Mouldbox will provide you with the cost and lead time to manufacture the mould

5. Manufacture

Mouldbox manufacture the mould using CNC or 3D printing processes

6. Finishing

The mould is sealed and releasing agent is applied by Mouldbox

7. Delivery

Track the order as it is processed and delivered

8. Material lay-up

You receive the mould ready to lay up composite material