Verified Partner Network | Plyable

Verified Partner Network

Our verified Distributed Manufacturing Network is the largest tooling network in the world and enables us to respond to your needs globally.

We deliver composite tooling using the latest in material and manufacturing technologies in ultra-fast lead times around the world.

Our network currently spans 20 countries, contains over 1500 3-axis and 5-axis machines and is able to produce tooling solutions up to 45 metres in length.


Partner Standards

We deliver the world’s best designed and manufactured composite molds, making consistent and reliable quality the foundation of the Plyable brand.

To achieve this, we demand industry-leading standards from all of our manufacturing partners, they have all gone through our rigorous verification process which ensures our network delivers the high quality standards, responsiveness and data security protection that you expect us.

Our distributed network contains massive manufacturing capacity and wide-ranging capabilities allowing us to identify the best manufacturer bespoke for your order, no matter the engineering challenge, material, tolerance, size or lead time.

Our partners have access to our technologies and a back office portal, enabling the advantages of the Plyable technology to filter into our supply chain. If you are interested in becoming part of the Plyable manufacturing network please email us at


Plyable anonymises all customer identifying data such as company names on drawings and part numbers before it is shared with the network. This protects both of us. See our security guide and privacy policy for more information.