Online Custom Metal Molds

Investing in Metallic tooling is an excellent solution for manufacturing higher volume components.

If used correctly, metallic tooling will easily manufacture hundreds of parts with no degradation or maintenance required.



The surface finish of a metallic mold is exceptional and will maintain its gloss for longer than our other materials. The mold is also easier to re-polish and recondition should the surface gloss degrade. Metals like Aluminium and Invar are our most premium priced options but offers extended durability for larger volume production runs.


Metallic molds are suitable for all composite manufacture processes.


Metallic molds are made by removing material from a solid block (billet) using a CNC mill.

  1. Plyable takes component CAD model and tools are designed.

  2. The metal is machined from a billet to the correct geometry on a 5-axis CNC mill.

  3. Molds are hand-finished to remove machining marks and create a smooth surface finish.

  4. Inspected for quality and shipped.