Instant Pricing | Plyable

Instant Pricing

Plyable instantly provides a price and lead time for tooling to make composite components. Using machine learning we are able to quote from just the component geometry without having to design the tooling first. Benefits of our technology are passed on to the customer to reduce cost and improve lead times.


Instant Automated Quoting

Our pricing model uses our in-house machine learning program to calculate the price of your tooling straight from the component geometry and has priced thousands of parts. The model is trained with each new upload and can adapt to market conditions and seasonality.

Deep learning models can provide insights that trained engineers know “at a glance” but are hard to automate using traditional methods. The similarity of one geometry to another and feature identification are areas where convolutional neural networks show excellent results. These techniques support our mold-ability and manufacturability analysis.

Verified Supplier Network Scheduling

Our verified distributed manufacturing network is largest tooling network in the world and enables us to respond to your needs globally. This network is powered by unique supply chain tech which assigns jobs to suppliers and speeds up the procurement process. This means your parts are always assigned to the supplier that is best suited to produce it.