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The majority of our clients are in the aerospace sector and we have extensive experience with all kinds of parts both exterior (wing panel & spar molds) and interior (panel and aircraft seat molds).

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Mold Manufacturing for Aerospace

With clients like Boeing, Vertical, GNK Aerospace, Formula Solutions Inc, Sabca and Electro Flight we know precision and communication is necessary to get the job done right. Our extensive network of manufacturers we can hand pick the best suppliers for your molds without having to compromise on lead times or tolerances.

Our clients have chosen us for our wide range of capabilities and our experience in helping with the design of molds. With our huge manufacturing network and our experienced in-house design services we can help you unload the complications of your aerospace project.

Plyable’s ability, experience and capabilities have attracted the attention of some of the worlds largest aerospace companies. Boeing is an active investor in Plyable through Aerospace Xelerated, a funded, 3 month accelerator for software startups that can move the aerospace industry forward.


Our Capabilities

Tooling Board

Tooling Board

A cost effective solution for speedy prototyping



Durable tools to manufacture components in the thousands



Offering excellent value for larger volume production runs

3D Printed

3D Printed

Useful for complex internal geometry, and specialist applications

Want to know more?

Simply upload a .STEP file on our app and we will give you an instant quote. From here you can customise your quote until you’re happy to order. We then anonymize your CAD before sending it to a supplier to be made.

Generating a quote using our online tool takes less than five minutes.

Over 96% of our online quotes are accurate the first time.

We have a federalised network of trusted suppliers which means we don’t have in house capacity. Your order is never at the back of the queue. You can read more about this on our Verified Supplier Network Page.

Of course. We are open to NDAs and often sign them before working with customers. You can contact us via:

  • Email:,

  • Tel (US): +1 87754 51043

  • Tel (UK): +44 01865 686164

  • Chatting directly to a team member by clicking on the blue speech bubble in the bottom right corner of the page.

Plyable values your privacy and security and we take your intellectual property very seriously. There are 3 major ways that we help protect your data:

  • File Management – All files are automatically anonomized and given unique internal ID’s, which are non-specific to the customer or ultimate project identity. Furthermore only the vendor that actually produces your tooling gets access to it.

  • ISO27K compliant security – The servers and network where data is stored are isolated by a firewall and only authorized staff have access to it. We conduct regular security scans to look for vulnerabilities. Data is encrypted at rest, and in transit. Plyable has a dedicated security operations team.

  • Partner assessment - Each of our Manufacturing Partners goes through an extensive onboarding process before being brought onto the Plyable network ending with them signing a Manufacturing Partner Agreement laying out detailed non-disclosure, confidentiality and general terms for their supply services.

For more information please read our Security Policy.

We have suppliers in Australia, Canada, The USA, The UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and The Netherlands. You can find more information on our Locations Page.

Let our designers help you.

Our expert engineers can review your design and specifications, and discuss any points of clarity with you. Once you’re happy, send us a Purchase Order and make your payment.

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Plyable engineers are always on hand to advise on all aspects of composite design including materials, curing, and geometry.

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Our market leading technologies cut design lead times to a fraction enabling Plyable to deliver to our customers at record speed.

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Customer Stories


Learn how Vertical Aerospace used Plyable to go from CAD to first flight in less than 90 days