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20 March 2024 | news

Case Study: Plyable and GAC Pinder

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Plyable is challenging the status quo in composite tooling solutions - and GAC’s specialist freight division, GAC Pindar, is helping.

We aim to reduce costs and lengthy lead times for our customers by using revolutionary manufacturing techniques and implementing cutting-edge technologies and processes. We are 44% faster than other manufacturers, and as such, need a reliable logistics provider to meet our worldwide delivery promise.

GAC Pindar has a track record of successfully handling unusual shipments for customers across the automotive, marine, and aerospace sectors including McLaren, Nautor’s Swan and Boeing.

Plyable’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Doole says: “No two of our products are the same, so our operations rarely involve repeating the same process. We manage multiple collections and deliveries across various countries, and GAC Pindar provides turnkey solutions for these complex logistics, expertly handling the diverse and unpredictable nature of our shipping requirements.”

“Our decision to partner with GAC Pindar was influenced by its strong reputation for handling non-standard shipments. Unlike typical box shippers, GAC Pindar is known for their expertise in dealing with unique and challenging logistics, making them an ideal choice for our specialised needs.”

Doole adds that GAC Pindar’s exceptional support significantly enhances Plyable’s productivity with responsive customer service enabling us to efficiently address varying shipping demands. And that means we don’t have to get involved in the intricate details of freight management and can focus on our core business activities.

This was demonstrated in a recent shipment of a 3.5-tonne tool from a factory in Northern Spain to Melbourne, Australia. The shipment left the Spanish factory on 22 December 2023. GAC Pindar arranged for local road freight, storage over Christmas and subsequent air transport from Barcelona to Qatar, then Sydney, and finally Melbourne, arriving on 9 January 2024. This complex logistics operation required minimal involvement from Plyable, showcasing GAC Pindar’s efficiency and resourcefulness in managing challenging logistics.

“The timeframe to collect this shipment was tight, once manufacturing was complete and the factory was ready to shut on the Friday before the Christmas weekend,” says Aaron Lush, GAC Pindar’s Project Manager. “We joined all the pieces of the puzzle together, ensuring deadlines were met and storage time was minimised.”

Lush says working with customers like Plyable is incredibly fulfilling. “We know how important it is for deliveries to arrive on time – both for Plyable and their own customers,” he adds. “We aim to protect them from the day-to-day complexities and pressures of logistics operations by delivering a seamless package of customs brokerage and bespoke freight forwarding services, no matter how challenging.”

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