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10 March 2024 | news

Everything you missed at JEC 2024

This year’s JEC World was an unmissable event for anyone in the composites industry or interested in manufacturing innovation. The Plyable team were excited to be amongst the exhibitors at the UK Pavilion, showcasing our groundbreaking mould design technology. Here’s a glimpse of what you might have missed at JEC World this year…

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Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability took centre stage, reflecting a growing urgency within the composites industry to embrace eco-friendly practices. The spotlight was on bio-resins, alongside initiatives for recycling and reusing materials. The composites sector is increasingly aligning with sustainability goals, pushing the boundaries to reduce environmental impact without compromising on performance.


A Buzzing Atmosphere

JEC World was bustling this year, with all 3 days boasting packed walkways and busy stands. This is indicative of an industry ready to do business. For Plyable, this allowed us to share our solution with everyone from industry veterans to newcomers eager to explore the possibilities available within composites mould manufacturing.

3D Printing’s Impact

3D printing’s evolution was another highlight. Discussions revolved around 3D mould technology readiness level and its scalability for economic use. It appears that we are on the brink of seeing 3D printing become a mainstay in manufacturing. However, the technology is still in its infancy. Whilst the supplier base is growing and customers are keen to exploit its flexibility and efficiencies, growing demand can result in longer lead times. We found that traditional production, when coupled with Plyable’s platform, can produce lower costs and faster delivery due to our ability to place orders with suppliers who have the capacity to begin working on them instantly. Nonetheless, we’re excited by these advancements, recognising their potential to revolutionise how we design and produce composite tooling.

Range of Smaller Businesses Present

The event also highlighted the significant role smaller businesses play in driving the industry forward. The number of SMEs present at JEC World this year reaffirms that they are the engine of innovation. These agile, dynamic companies challenge the status quo, pushing larger entities forward. It’s exciting to foster relationships with these smaller businesses and collaborate with them as they grow and create groundbreaking solutions.


And that’s a wrap! If you missed out on JEC World this year, you can still get in touch with the Plyable team. Reach out to us for a demo, or see how simple the platform is to use by trying out our example part.

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