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01 February 2024 | news

Meet Plyable at the Space Suppliers Summit in Glasgow

Next week, the Plyable team is heading to the much-anticipated Space Suppliers Summit in Glasgow. The event is a fantastic opportunity for space manufacturing companies and suppliers to come together to discuss the various challenges facing the industry and brainstorm how to overcome them.


The summit’s agenda is packed with sessions focusing on strengthening the UK’s space capability and addressing supply chain complexities. We’re particularly excited about these discussions, as they align with our mission at Plyable. We’re really keen to understand some more of the pain points that space manufacturers face - whether it’s keeping costs down, or increasing the speed to prototype.

At Plyable, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation. We leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the traditional composite mould manufacturing process, resulting in reduced costs and lead times. We understand that in the space industry, precision is paramount. We work to aerospace tolerances and every order is digitally inspected before being signed off by the team.

Our Sales Director, Elaine Winchester, will be present to represent Plyable at the summit. Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen insight into the industry’s evolving dynamics. She’s looking forward to meeting with fellow attendees, sharing insights, and exploring potential collaborations.

So, if you’re attending the Space Suppliers Summit, why not take the opportunity to meet with Elaine? Whether it’s discussing challenges, brainstorming solutions, or exploring new possibilities, we’re ready to contribute to your next big project.

Don’t miss out on the chance to connect and potentially transform the way you approach space manufacturing. Schedule a meeting with us and let’s explore what we can achieve together.

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