02 February 2022 | app update

Plyable Feature Update February 2022

We’re focused on making the tooling experience even smoother that’s why we’ve deployed an update to the site that adds scribe line detection to parts.

image 3-4dd610.jpg

Scribe lines are impressions machined into mold tools such as curves, cross-hairs or letters and numbers. These impressions leave a resin mark on the component when it comes out of the mold.

In CAD, a scribe line is represented by a composite curve which lies on the surface of the mold. Plyable will automatically detect scribe lines on your uploaded geometry and they will be displayed on your quote.

If there are scribe lines found for a part, they can be viewed by the user on the DFM page, similar to how we display holes.


More Info on Scribe Lines:

Scribe lines around the part boundary

Scribe lines for holes

Scribe lines for numbering

Scribe lines for instruction

Machining of scribes

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