13 November 2019 | news

Plyable wins Composites UK Start-Up Business of the Year Award

Plyable have more than doubled in size over the last year and celebrated winning their first industry award at the Composites UK 2019 awards dinner last week.


“It’s fantastic to be recognized by the industry and our peers! 2 years ago we had no idea where this journey would take us.’ says Martin Oughton, CEO. ‘There’s a building momentum behind industry 4.0 and it’s great to be catalyzing that digital revolution in manufacturing. This award is a testament to the hard work put in by the team but it’s only the beginning of what we are building at Plyable.”

Plyable gained venture capital investment in the Spring. They now have customers across 4 continents and a distributed manufacturing network of more than 150 5-axis CNC machines producing solutions up to 45m in length.

Currently, tooling accounts for between 40%-60% of the total cost for new products. The Plyable platform removes up to 20% of upfront-costs while at the same time significantly increasing speed to market. - Sue Halliwell, Operations Manager, Composites UK

Composites UK is the Trade Body for the UK composites industry. Their aim is to support the industry so that it may continue to grow and participate in the increasingly competitive world of global composite production. To achieve this, their mission is to enhance and promote the safe and effective use of composites.

About Plyable

Plyable has harnessed the latest AI and machine learning technology to automate the design and manufacture of composite tooling. By simply uploading component CAD data into the Plyable app, businesses can take advantage of a pre-qualified, distributed manufacturing network and enjoy superior results as well as significant time and cost savings. Visit www.plyable.com to learn more.


Elaine Winchester

Business Development Manager


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